Don’t Burn Your Retinas Watching the Sun
August 10, 2017
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Tulsa Retina Consultants One of Three in Nation Offering Cutting-Edge Laser Treatment

Our patients are amazed at our new laser. Tulsa Retina ConsultantsTulsa Retina Consultants is currently the third practice in the United States offering retinal laser treatment via the Navilas 577s. This laser was cleared by the United States FDA in late November of 2016.

According to Dr. Lars Freisberg, “the only other places besides Tulsa this treatment is now offered is New York and Las Vegas.”

“The benefits of this all-digital system are compelling,” states Dr. Thomas Finley “This laser is more effective and offers better comfort to our patients.”

“The eye-tracking technology eliminates issues caused by patient/physician movement,” says Finley. “This enables us to target pathologies that otherwise would be too dangerous to treat with conventional lasers.”

“An added benefit according to Freisberg is that patients needing treatment for the delicate macula lasers no longer must use a contact lens, as the new laser offers “a non-contact, no-touching-the-eye treatment.”

Tulsa Retina Consultants is the region’s largest retina specialty group. “When you add this cutting-edge laser to our line-up, and include our extremely competent support staff,” said Dr. Justin Parschauer, “that is compelling evidence we are setting the bar for retina care not just throughout northeast Oklahoma, but across the entire country as well!”

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