It’s not often you can say your mother-in-law is responsible for your career path, but it’s true in the case of Thomas Finley, MD. “I always knew I wanted to be a doctor but it wasn’t until medical school that I discovered I liked surgery,” he said. Unsure of what kind of surgical specialty to pursue, he considered orthopedics. But at the urging of his mother-in-law, who worked at an ophthalmologist’s office, he decided to try a two-week rotation in ophthalmology. After that, he was hooked. “Retinal surgery is very detailed, microscopic surgery. I’m very detail-oriented so it fits my personality. Beyond that, I feel like I’m really helping people. It’s rewarding to be able to take patients from non-functional to functional vision.”

In 2015, Dr. Finley and Dr. Lars Freisberg came together to create Tulsa Retina Consultants. Today, it’s the region’s largest group of retina specialists.

“We want to be a one-stop shop offering evaluation, testing and treatment. It’s our goal to make Tulsa Retina Consultants the go-to place for retina care whether you have an emergent issue or a chronic one that will require long-term management.”

Many retinal conditions require frequent follow-up treatments to improve or maintain vision. “There are not many specialties that allow you to see your patients for regular treatments but a lot of retinal conditions call for this. I enjoy getting to develop a relationship with these patients and providing ways to help them maintain their best vision possible.”

Vitreoretinal Surgical Fellowship
Retina Consultants of Alabama

Ophthalmology Residency
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Internal Medicine Internship
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Medical Doctor
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Cameron University
Lawton, OK

Board Certified in Ophthalmology
Started Practicing in 2011